Are you a Selfie Master? The art of the selfie.

“Selfies are an art form”
Might have just laughed out loud. Perfectly said.
I do not encourage selfies but some people think they are necessary everyday but as long as the front of our phones have a camera allowing us to take them, sadly they will be taken. Throwback Thursdays will forever be popular, the end.

Stephen Chukumba

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘selfies.’

Selfies are simply pictures you take (and post) of yourself.

What started off as a way of capturing yourself in the moment, in the absence of someone else to take the picture for you, has transformed into a global phenomenon.

It’s so serious that selfies now have their own Olympic Games (of sorts).

The Selfie Olympics started this week and they are over the top.

Peep #SelfieOlympics on Twitter if you want to keep up with them.

Folks everywhere are taking selfies.

But there are folks out there, who have mastered – MASTERED – taking selfies.

Veritable Selfie Masters.

What makes them masters?

One glance at their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feeds, and you’ll know that they take taking pictures of themselves seriously.

You know when you’ve encountered a Master.

Their pictures contain the tells.

Look for the eyes.

Sometimes wide-eyed. Sometimes, narrow…

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That Time I Invited Jehovah’s Witnesses Into My Home

This is pretty interesting. Best line has to be ‘I’m always suspicious of people who need to try to convince others to believe what they believe. It doesn’t matter what I or anyone else believes, as long as you believe it.’
I choose to live the way I do and I would never ask someone to live the way I live. Everyone is unique and everyone is entitled to believe in whatever they want to.
I’ve personally grown tired of getting into debates of what is right and wrong, I believe in what I believe because I go by the faith and the experiences in which I have seen in my life time and what makes sense to me as a person. No one told me what to believe, I choose what I believed.
Whatever you choose is what you choose.

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